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  • 1. Dermaplaning is a safe, effective physical exfoliation procedure using a sterile medical scalpel

  • 2. Promotes smoother skin by helping the products penetrate deeper into the skin

  • 3. Removes 3 weeks worth of trapped dirt and dead skin

  • 4. Removes fine, vellus hair on face (no is doesn’t grow back worse, thicker or indeed any different than before).

  • 5. Helps the appearance of acne scaring and sun damaged skin.

  • 6. Your homecare products will soak into the skin more effectively making the results more noticeable

  • 7. Makeup goes on flawless

  • 8. Leaves skin with glowing radiant appearance.

  • 9. Preps skin for a peel.


1 session of dermaplaning   -  £40

1 session of dermaplaning & chemical peel  -  £69

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